As the issues and passions related to animal rights wage on internationally, the reality of trade and business related to the buying and selling of animals for scientific research continues unabated and mostly unaffected by any and all protests to the contrary. Like it or not, the raising and marketing of various types of animals for scientific research around the globe is a thriving business, providing large profits for international corporations and livelihoods for peoples of diverse cultures.

Understandably, there are people and organizations, who, for their own vested interests, don’t want this book written. And yet, while it is no particular indictment of these people for what they do for a living, the book’s purpose is to tell the story in a fictitious presentation of how common, every day people, along with profit-driven individuals and companies, are involved in this ongoing, little-known (at least to the general public) commercial trade that fuels the fires of scientific research around the world—the buying and selling of our biological “cousins,” the primates.

However, this book in no way intends to sway the reader in one direction or another in regard to the ongoing animal rights debate and the literal global battlefield that has developed as a result. Protection of any life form, be it human or animal, involves sensitive issues, and in the case of the animal rights cause, it has now escalated to a volatile level that affects the lives, livelihoods and life works of many individuals and institutions all over world. This book aims only to cast a small, but distinct light on both sides of this issue in hopes that the reader will become more aware of the dynamics of this subject, while posing the question, “Is it actually possible for animals to have legal rights, or is it rather a matter of human beings having a social responsibility toward other creatures within the framework of a legalistic society and, if so, at what cost to the future of mankind?”

While the material in this book is based on the author’s personal experiences, the story and the characters are fictitious.


This book is dedicated to the millions of animal lovers and protectors of animals who have been loved by, assisted and comforted by their animal friends and to the animals themselves, especially our primate cousins who ultimately sacrifice everything, albeit unknowingly, for the betterment of mankind in the name of scientific research. Additionally, without the guidance, encouragement and wisdom of so many dear friends, completion of this book would have been impossible.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."---Mahatma Gandhi
“ So then, instead of holding on to the Biblical view that we are made in the image of God, we come to realize that we are made in the image of the monkey, and that we are as far removed from the perfect God, as let us say, the ants are removed from ourselves.”Lin Yutang, “The Importance of Living” 1937
"Science gets to the end of its knowledge and, in effect, says, 'I do not know what I do not know,' and keeps on searching. Religion gets to the end of its knowledge, and in effect, says, 'I know what I do not know,' and stops searching."---Attorney Clarence Darrow, during Scopes Monkey Trial, 1925