“I never considered animal rights a topic I could relate to. I’ve seen a lot of the activist type of stories in the news and that was about it. Robbins’ e-book showed me how animal testing could become a personal issue without any warning.” -Robert Nylan, Houston
“Too often we forget that in the U.S. we have the luxury of buying foods and medicines that we can rely on. Not so in many other countries. The thought of animals being mistreated and suffering in some laboratory somewhere is not pleasant. But the thought of no oversight on our basic needs I think would be a catastrophe. The e-book MonkeyRoad shows that animal testing saves many lives. We’re just unaware of it.”
-Cynthia Thomas, Los Angeles
“People today think the products we consume daily wind up in stores by some kind of ‘magic.’ But there is a vast system of product testing in every industry that allows products to even reach the open market. This includes foods and medicines that allow us to function and be well. The story about the driver in the e-book, Monkey Road, is not far-fetched. It could happen to anyone.”
.” -Charles Bidley Tulsa
“What I like about the e-book Monkey Road is that it is a quick read with a profound message: we’re all a lab test away from extinction. The flu pandemic of 1918 that killed 50 million people should have taught us something.”
-Thomas Bowlin, Berkeley